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Location & Pricing

Generally, classes are held in "Frank Zappa Str. 16" on the 5th floor. The studio is rented by us and won't cost you anything. It's easy to reach (Don't get scared by google maps!) as it's 5 minutes walk from the tram M6/M16 Dingelstädter str. tram station. M6 tram goes from Alexanderplatz through Landsberger Allee and goes 24/7. When you get off  at Dingelstädter str. tram station, cross the street, you'll see a Netto supermarket, a bakery and a Hoffmann store to your left. After  passing those take the first street to the left. That's Frank Zappa Str. (formerly Strasse 13),  just go straight for a couple of minutes and you'll find a grey tall building to your right! We are at the 5th floor!

PRICING:How does the payment work?
There are two main lesson plans you will be able to choose from. As payments plans are often personalized, we can't post fixed rates online, but here is how the two options work:

A) Hourly Pay: normal rates, calculated by the hour. It is recommended for advanced level dancers (or people based outside Berlin) that might want to come sporadically maybe once a month or so.

B) Premium Student (monthly small contribution): there is a fixed low monthly contribution that will give you access to 4 dance private classes per month and (when ready) to 4 group dance classes a month . The duration of these meetings is of at least 2 hours in length and if you don't manage to make all of them you will be able to make more or longer classes the following month. Through this method we work towards your goals on a constant basis. 

You'll also have access to dance related events where we all get together to enjoy  related activities (discuss dance creations and getting to know the artistic work of different choreographers, going to see performances, sharing ideas and create, performing  etc).  Through the low, but fixed monthly contribution you allow everyone to be able to be part of this incredible dance community. 

Get in touch via the contact form to have more information!

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